Fraud Optimization

Optimize for Increased Efficiency

Fraud optimization services enhance fraud management programs, department, and team efficiency.

Additionally, they provide increased opportunities to more effectively detect fraud, theft, governance – ethics issues, and prevent revenue losses. Thereby, increasing regulatory, compliance, increasing ROI and diminishing the financial impact on the bottom line.

Fraud Solutions evaluates enterprise fraud risk management, investigation, and governance team performance, identifying challenges and root cause deficiencies through a comprehensive review of existing policies, practices, procedures, people, workflows, strategies, and anti-fraud technology.

Other focus includes: ethics and code of business conduct hotlines, hotline communication tools, evaluation of investigation, anti-fraud and reporting protocols, ethics education, awareness, and training programs, program review and implementation. All of these internal governance areas are face regulatory scrutiny.

Our services identify areas of improvement with business unit roadmaps and short-long term recommendations in order to maximize organizational anti-fraud, investigative and loss prevention efforts, streamlining efficiencies, enhancing strategies and increasing operational ROI.

Fraud Optimization Services Include:

  • Evaluation of policies, processes, procedures, people and practices

  • Review of investigative, research, triage teams, analytic resources, and tools

  • Assessment of staff personnel skills and professional development plans

  • Assessment of annual internal/external continuing – professional education annual training programs with recommendations for individual and department improvement

  • Department road-mapping and workflow analysis

  • Gap Analysis

  • Process/procedure improvement recommendations

  • Organizational – staffing design evaluation

  • Investigation and analytic best practices

  • Technology tools, database & data mining assessments

  • Blueprint development

  • Implementation schedules

Regular optimization of fraud, investigation, ethics, and governance business units, policies, processes, procedures, and people are essential for all organizations experiencing fraud, theft, code of business conduct or regulatory and compliance issues.

If your business has underperforming fraud, investigations or governance teams, or are constantly challenged keeping up with the rapidly changing global fraud landscape, contact Fraud Solutions for more information on our optimization and other fraud consulting services.