Fraud News Update 12.4.14

Fraud News

Fraud News Update 12.4.14: This week’s Fraud Solutions news update features: The Death of a Mystery Writer (Our Loss!), Forensic Fraud-Faculty Fraud-Expert Fraud? (You Decide), zzzzzzzzzzzzz…(Feds Bag A Sleep Company) and Red Light Data  Fraud? (Smile, You’re on Camera).

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The Death of a Mystery Writer

We haven’t covered too many obits in the Fraud News Update but this fraud news story is one many of you may have easily missed. A 94 year old woman (Phyllis Dorothy James) recently died… unfortunately, it’s part of the circle of life and happens all the time.

Who’s Phyllis Dorothy James you ask? Well, Phyllis Dorothy James is actually more commonly known as “P.D. James” the famous British mystery writer and eloquent, well written, “whodunnit” prose also died when she passed away last week.

NPR did a nice job honoring her memory with highlights from two interviews she gave earlier in her career. For those of us that love to read a good mystery, she wrote 18. Most people can’t even write one!  R.I.P P.D. James!

Forensic Fraud-Faculty Fraud-Expert Fraud?

For those of you Ferguson watchers… this is what published reports are now saying in this fraud news story about the forensic expert (Shawn Parcells) who assisted in the Michael Brown autopsy.

The report that’s out claims Parcells is not a doctor (no medical school) and he’s also not a Professor according to the school he claims to teach at.

Have you ever stopped to wonder why media outlets are so quick to jump on sources and pronounce them as experts BEFORE verifying their credentials?

Certainly, the instant (24×7) nature of the news world we live in contributes to this as reporters feel the need to get their stories out immediately. BUT Ferguson isn’t a story that broke quickly and went away. It’s lingered on over time so there should have been ample time for reporters to do their due diligence on expert sources BEFORE putting out their words to the public as the “gospel.”

Our parents used to tell us as kids that “you can be whatever you want to be.” Well, apparently that’s true. Today, I’ve decided I’m going to be a doctor. Medical school’s only a formality… who needs it?

Perhaps, tomorrow I’ll decide to be a lawyer and skip law school as well because if the reports are true those things are all optional.


Counting sheep, bagging z’s, sleep. Well, in this fraud news story it wasn’t sheep that the feds bagged but a sleep company. According to Acting Assistant Attorney General Joyce Branda for the Civil Division:

“North Atlantic Medical Services Inc. (NAMS), doing business as Regional Home Care Inc., has agreed to pay $852,378 to resolve allegations that it violated the False Claims Act by submitting claims to Medicare and Medicaid for respiratory therapy services provided by unlicensed personnel, the Department of Justice announced today. NAMS is a medical device company based in Massachusetts that provides equipment and services for the treatment of respiratory ailments, such as oxygen deficiency and sleep apnea….Respiratory care services should be performed by properly licensed personnel.”

Performing services without properly licensed personnel…anyone noticing a theme developing in this weeks Fraud News Update?

Red Light Data Fraud?

Stop. No, really. Stop. We mean it. Stop or we’ll give you a ticket! Critics of red light cameras in NJ are taking on Red Light industry claims that red light cameras “increase safety and reduce accidents.”

In fact, Stop Robo Cops, a group lobbying against the continued use of these cameras in NJ claims that there are data discrepancies between DOT data they found for red light enforcement cameras and raw data for accidents at the same intersections.

In other words, Stop Robo Cops is claiming this is a case of fact vs. fiction. The actual facts (raw accident data), vs. the fiction (marketing propaganda) reported by the red light companies who obviously profit from the cameras continued usage in NJ.

What else is there for Red Light Enforcement companies to say but these “cameras increase safety and reduce accidents.” What’s at stake? If the pilot program in NJ is continued…money and lots of it. Traffic fines are big business.

Stop Robo Cops is asking the multiple choice question that I’ve pondered all along.

Do you think that a driver that stops short at an intersection to avoid getting a red light camera ticket increases or decreases their chance of getting rear ended and causing an accident?

A) Increases

B) Decreases

C) Has no impact either way

D) What do photos of prostitutes have to do with getting rear ended? (The Emily Litella Answer)

SNL News Anchor: [interrupting] Miss Litella?

Emily Litella: Yes?

SNL News Anchor: I’m sorry. The story was about red light photo cameras not the red light district. Photos for tickets. Not photos of prostitutes.

Emily Litella: Oh. I’m sorry. Never mind!

Fraud News – The Bottom Line

Fraud – empowering people to break the law. It’s a way of life for some and every fraud has a story. At Fraud Solutions, fraud is our world and we’re passionate about prevention. Being proactive is key, so, follow us each week as we cover the fraud beat with added insights, information and unique commentary on stories making the fraud news.

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