Payment Card Industry

Payment card industry

Payment card industry: fraud risk is a significant issue in online transactions but with effective fraud prevention tools and proactive action, merchants can minimize PCI fraud.

Fraud Solutions provides online merchant payment risk consulting for the payment card industry, enabling organizations to prevent and take action on fraud and risk.

Criminals and hackers attack multiple points of payment security systems, making it important for organizations to remain vigilant on all points. Payment risks must be mitigated from end to end, while also considering customer experience.

Facing the ever-present threat of fraud, basic payment card industry secure systems are no longer enough to secure organizations against payment risk. Organizations must also consider human risks, including customer service representatives with access to data, as well as PCI secure chargeback management.

Payment Card Industry – Fraud Risk Consulting

Fraud Solutions provides a comprehensive online merchant payment and risk consulting services. Payment fraud services from Fraud Solutions include:

  • Payment acceptance and implementation strategy
  • Merchant services, payment gateway, and processor

  • Customer experience

  • Processing fees review/reduction

  • Risk analysis and risk management strategy

  • Chargeback reduction and management

  • Fraud analyst team building and training

  • Fraud prevention 3rd-party vendor selection

  • Balance of prevention tactics versus customer insult and abandonment

  • Incident management and manual review efficiency

  • Process and procedure creation

  • PCI DSS compliance: PCI DSS Standard

  • COPPA and PII: privacy protection compliance for Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act and Personally Identifiable Information

  • AML, BSA, KYC compliance: Anti Money Laundering, Bank Secrecy Act, Know Your Customer/Know Your Client

Fraud Solutions is your preferred consultant for PCI fraud prevention. Contact us to find out more about our competitive rates and innovative fraud solutions for payments compliance and our other consulting services.