Alliance Ideals

Industry Alliances

Industry alliances, partnerships and strategic business connections are critical to our success in developing effective, holistic, cutting edge corporate anti-fraud programs and providing world-class service to our customer’s.

In response to the constantly changing nature of global fraud and the sophisticated nature of the techniques used by bad actors, new tools, products and services are constantly in development.

It’s often said that “the only constant in fraud is change.” That’s definitely true and fraud often changes yearly, monthly, weekly, daily and hourly given the attempts by companies to prevent it. This reinforces the notion that status quo, and doing nothing proactively to prevent fraud, is rarely effective in anything… and it’s definitely not in the fraud prevention, detection and investigation world either.

Rarely, does one vendor have all the solutions necessary to solve a customer’s potential fraud issues. The perfect analogy here dates back to the days of purchasing a stereo. One company didn’t produce the best speakers, turntable, amplifier, equalizer, tape deck etc. Consumers “mixed and matched” various stereo components to ensure they had the best sound system available.

Likewise, anti-fraud programs are no different. In response to the various types of fraud committed against companies globally, anti-fraud vendors have developed specialized tools to meet specialized types of fraud. This requires companies to evaluate a more comprehensive set of fraud tools.

The days of one tool solving all fraud, governance, risk & compliance (GRC) and ethics problems are long gone. Thinking holistically means having more than one fraud risk management tool in your toolbox.

So, we’re always evaluating data, information, and technology-based solutions, sitting in on demos and taking product “test drives” to determine if a tool’s right for inclusion in our client’s fraud risk mitigation plan.

If you would like to discuss mutually beneficial industry alliances and channel partnership opportunities, please contact us.