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Fraud Training and Educational Seminars

Looking for fraud training and educational seminars for your business?

Speakers and trainers who have significant industry experience, can entertain audiences, hold their attention, and consistently deliver quality material, are hard to find.

As a regularly featured speaker on fraud, Dan Draz has presented on a variety of fraud, ethics, governance, risk, social media and investigative topics at conferences and association/industry events around the country.

Additionally, Dan was the first industry professional in the country to develop unique training material for audiences on the value of the intuitive process in fraud and investigation matters (“Investigative Intuition: The “X” Factor”).

Some of Dan’s many presentations include: the ACFE – Annual Conference, ACFE Chapter Training Sessions, ACFE Insurance Fraud, ASIS, ASSOCIATIONS ONE, CII, Eastern Claims Conference, ECI, FIRMA, Heartland ACFE Fraud Conference, IASIU Annual Fraud Conference, IASIU Chapters, IIA, ISACA, LOMA, NCISS, Nebraska Department of Insurance Fraud Conference, NHCAA, NICB, NSPII, Pulse Network, SAIF, Shore Fraud Conference, Western Claims Conference and TRMA.

Additionally, he’s designed, developed and delivered numerous 60 and 90-minute custom webinar sessions for field personnel, senior management and C-level executives around the globe.

Executive Sample Webinar Description

“This webinar examines everything you need to know to make sure you have the proper mechanisms in place to detect fraud. Attend the webinar and learn how to identify the crucial channels that you should be aware of as an executive to increase your connectedness and awareness while decreasing the probability of fraud. The webinar is led by an expert on the topic, Dan Draz (Principal – Fraud Solutions), and focuses on:

– Tips and techniques for conducting an effective fraud risk assessment, as well as establishing a “Fraud Detection Plan” for your company

– What every senior business executive should know about workplace fraud, including Asset Misappropriation, Fraudulent Statements, Bribery, and Corruption; including the greatest pitfalls and mistakes made by CEOs when failing to pursue clear and present fraud danger signals.”

Book Fraud Solutions For your Next Fraud Training Event

Dan’s outgoing, personable, and energetic presentation style, his ability to captivate and hold audiences, and the development of customized, cutting edge fraud training material means he’s in demand at events around the globe.

Experience counts. When you book Dan Draz for your training session, you’re getting one of the industry’s leaders in innovative and insightful thought. Whether you need a fraud speaker or investigations speaker for an industry event, or in-house training for your employees or business unit, please contact us for rates and scheduling availability.

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