Fraud Consulting

fraud consulting service from Fraud Solutions

Industry estimates suggest that businesses lose between 6-8% of their annual revenues due to fraud and theft. However, if unchecked, losses tend to quickly escalate, greatly decreasing business profitability and this is why it’s imperative to partner with a leading fraud consulting firm.

In addition, large losses decrease shareholder confidence, cause brand damage and negative publicity, require increased sales, decrease a company’s ROI and increase the odds of regulatory scrutiny often leading to significant fines, sanctions and penalties.

Avoiding the negative consequences and monetary losses associated with fraud and the scrutiny of regulatory agencies requires companies to take proactive measures to mitigate fraud risks in advance of their occurrence and to minimize fraud incidents post-event.

Our customizable and highly effective fraud consulting services are designed to: mitigate your fraud risks, prevent losses, improve staff efficiency, satisfy regulatory scrutiny and increase the ROI from your enterprise fraud risk management program.

We assist our clients solve complex fraud issues with the following fraud consulting services:

    • Evaluation of fraud/organizational staffing models

    • Evaluation of fraud detection and analysis tools

    • Fraud compliance, regulatory strategies, and fraud audit development/review

    • Fraud prevention/detection/communication strategies

    • Fraud internal controls & fraud risk assessments: prevention, mitigation, detection

    • Identification of revenue loss and data theft areas

    • Reviewing policies, processes and procedures: mitigate civil litigation, regulatory enforcement, and criminal actions

    • Protecting against internal and external brand damage, customer dissatisfaction and negative publicity

    • Providing front line personnel with anti-fraud training: increase awareness and effectiveness of fraud risk management strategies

    • Conducting “gap analysis” reviews in anti-fraud policies, processes, programs, and controls: developing customizable fraud risk mitigation solutions and effective implementation strategies

    • Evaluating internal and external fraud risk factors and prioritizing them for: inclusion in a customized, executable fraud risk mitigation strategy

    • Reviewing, evaluating and improving fraud controls – creating new controls where necessary

    • Evaluating existing fraud policy: processes involving monitoring fraud risks and implementing new and improved processes where deficiencies have been detected

    • Reviewing and evaluating anti-fraud response plan:  implementing actionable risk mitigation steps to reduce fraud losses

    • Implementing the “lessons learned” program: prevent re-victimization and further losses

    • Evaluating anti-fraud metrics, trending and analytic efforts: providing revised processes and data capture recommendations where necessary to increase fraud performance and ROI

    • Creating law enforcement liaison programs and improved investigative methodologies: increase unit and company anti-fraud ROI and improved processes where deficiencies have been detected

    • Reviewing and evaluating anti-fraud response plan: implementing actionable risk mitigation steps to reduce fraud losses

Superior fraud consulting, competitive pricing, world-class customer service, and actionable results mean that Fraud Solutions is your go-to fraud consultancy globally. For a complimentary consultation and more information on rates and project pricing, please contact us for additional details.