Fraud Solutions: 2014 “Best Of” Blog Edition

Content is King

No Shortage of Fraud This Year

Given the glut of global fraud stories which took place in 2014, it was a banner year for writing about fraud and there was definitely no shortage of interesting case material or trends to talk about.

At Fraud Solutions, one of the themes that we’re always talking about is the constantly changing landscape associated with the global fraud problem.

The dynamic and fluid nature of the crime provided an opportunity to blog twice a week with Mondays featuring original content and thought leadership. On Thursdays, we covered breaking fraud news with added insights, commentary and topical information via the mid year release of the innovative Fraud News Updates.

With 2014 coming to a close, we dug through the original content produced in this years blog and pulled out some of the readers favorites.

Of course, everyone always enjoys the annual holiday classic, Tis The Season – The Twelve Days of Fraud, but that’s seasonal parody so it wasn’t included in our “Best Of” industry blog list.

The Top 10

BreachBiggest Breach Ever? Wait ‘Til Tomorrow!

Have there been so many breaches reported that consumers and companies have simply “tuned out” all the breach noise and are no longer paying attention?


fraud Fraud is Fraud – Language Does Not Matter

Fraud is fraud. While the languages spoken in many foreign countries are not the same, some things are just universal and fraud is one of them.


IntuitionIntuition: Difference Between Greatness and Average 

Intuition. Hunches don’t always pan out but the more in tune you are with this process, the more often you’ll be correct.


God FraudGod Fraud: Flock Fleecer’s Are New Reality 

God Fraud. Fraud doesn’t discriminate, it occurs in every industry all around the globe no matter what we might otherwise want to believe about faith.


Forward ThinkersForward Thinkers: Organized Crime 

Motivated by incredible profits, organized crime rings are forward thinkers – criminals of opportunity quickly sizing up the next target.


Fraud EnigmaThe Fraud Enigma: Good or Bad?

The fraud enigma. Fraud is both good and bad. Fraud promotes long-term growth as companies and individuals make adjustments to survive and be profitable.


Fraud ChangeFraud is Like Underwear – It Changes Daily

Fraud management success involves finding different ways to think about the fraud problems of today & tomorrow. That’s what your adversaries are doing.


EmbezzlementEmbezzlement: The Knock Out Punch

When hit by embezzlement either get up off the canvas or you’re out for the count which may result in the “closed sign” being hung on your business door.



Social Media EspionageSocial Media Espionage – What’s Your Exposure? 

Spies are stealing your company’s technology, intellectual property and trade secrets using social media tools which are readily available to them.



Basketball On A Court Academic Fraud: The Locker Room Lineup

Rashad McCants, former member of the 2004 – 2005 UNC (Tar Heels) Championship Mens Basketball team tells an interesting story about academic fraud. (Editors Note: We wrote this piece discussing academic fraud in D1 college athletics before the release of the report detailing the extent of the massive academic fraud at UNC)

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed reading both blogs in 2014 and we sincerely thank you for your interest in our content, insights and consulting services. We look forward to interacting with you again in the new year and discussing your biggest challenges in the battle to foil fraud!

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