Workplace Guidance Remains Elusive After Facebook Posting Case Is Settled

In an issue I blogged about recently, a case involving an employee who was dismissed from her job as a result of derogatory postings she made about the company on Facebook, may not have had the big impact legal experts were hoping for in shaping companies social media policies. You see, the dismissed employee was a Union Worker giving jurisdiction to the NLRB. Legal experts are now saying that because this issue was settled by the NLRB and never went to court, it may have little impact on the social media policies of non union companies who may very well wait until a case makes it’s way through the court and appellate system and up to the Supreme Court before making substantive changes to their social media policies. We’ll have to see how Corporate America reacts to this decision and whether they apply the new ruling to their own company policies or wait til a case goes through the legal process and established a precedence for non union companies. Only time will tell.