When the Workplace and Social Media Collide

I thought there were some interesting facts and discussion in this article about use of social media in the workplace… one of them being that a recent study showed that respondents spent about four hours a day on social media sites… not necessarily connected to their work responsibilities. Half a business day! Wondering why your employees aren’t being as productive as they should… perhaps that’s the answer.

In conjunction with that fact, another survey showed that only 19 % of the companies had a policy on the use of social media usage in the workplace. So… if employees are spending half the business day using social media sites and aren’t being productive…. 81% of the companies out there have no employment related policies to deal with that. Think that causes a problem for the employer? You cannot effectively discipline, or dismiss, employees for performance related issues if you do not have effective employment related policies and procedures in place that have been disseminated to the employees about work expectations, use of technology and the use of social media while on the job.