Things Aren’t Always What They Appear – The Fake Social Media Profile

Social media applications are all the rage and professional connectivity is a premium… not everyone is who and what they claim to be… or are they?!

The upcoming issue of Fraud Flashpoints will feature the rapidly rising issue of fake social media profiles and hidden individual and business agendas. Two phrases every firm should be aware of: Competitive Intelligence and Industrial Espionage!

While not many people are talking about this issue in the Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) space, it should be high on senior management’s radar screen as the increased usage of social media connectivity applications, and the reliance on social media information, without verification, are a significant risk and liability.

Remember, while every technological application or business tool has a primary purpose, others are seeking to exploit the legitimate purpose for personal gain and ignorance of the risks associated with social media applications definitely is not bliss. Look for the article soon!