Telecom Fraud Risk Management

Fraud Services: Telecom Fraud Risk Management Strategytelecom fraud risk management

Telecom fraud results in billions of losses. In a recent Communications Fraud Control Association (CFCA) fraud survey, 34 respondents reported a total of $2 billion (USD) in confirmed fraud losses at their companies. The top fraud loss categories reported by operators include compromised voicemail systems, subscription theft, and by-pass fraud.

Fraud Solutions is the global leader in the evaluation, development and implementation of effective, cutting edge, telecom fraud risk management strategies. Leveraging 27 years of significant experience in the anti-fraud, revenue assurance and telecommunications fraud arena, Fraud Solutions offers fraud consulting services to telecommunications companies which identify and reduce the amount of fraud committed against their business, products and services.

Our expertise in the anti-fraud arena includes a wide variety of services:

  • Team Development – creation of new fraud units
  • Performance Evaluation – analyzing the performance, or under performance, of existing fraud units with comparison to industry anti-fraud standards
  • Team Restructure – rebuilding or restructuring existing fraud units to increase efficiency and optimization
  • Policy, Process, Procedure Evaluation – reviewing existing policies, processes and procedures to identify and analyze gaps in anti-fraud performance, fraud prevention, fraud detection, fraud investigation and fraud risk mitigation strategies
  • Technology Assessments – reviewing and evaluating your anti-fraud technology platform and efforts. Assisting clients with the review and selection of new anti-fraud technology platforms and analytic tools
  • Equipment Muling – developing policies and procedures to determine the likelihood that the transaction is legitimate, is not a misrepresentation, and won’t result in non payment and equipment loss
  • Fraud Training – development of customized annual anti-fraud training to increase staff knowledge and anti-fraud awareness.
  • Fraud Risk Management – development and implementation of effective telecom fraud risk management programs

Our fraud and management consulting services are uniquely customized to meet your business and operational needs with the goal of maximizing operational efficiency, reducing fraud, and increasing return on investment (ROI).

For more information about telecom fraud risk management services, and how our anti-fraud solutions can enable your telecom business to resolve challenging fraud problems, please contact us.