Social Media Apps In the Wrong Hands = Bad News For Our Children!

It’s true. Many of the tools investigators and anti-fraud professionals use to fight crime are double edged swords… and make no mistake about it…. social media applications are certainly no different as indicated by this article. While this was never the purpose these applications were designed to serve, the “bad guys” are continuing in their usage of Internet tools and technology to track the movement and whereabouts of children (and adults) that they are targeting. Scary thought.

Where it once involved trolling through chat rooms, social media apps which continually broadcast one’s whereabouts are the new means of locating potential victims. Perhaps, it’s not a good idea for our children to be using social media apps which tell people their exact wherabouts every minute of the day and where they’ll be heading next!

Sadly, I think we are going to continue to see the purpose of these kinds of social media communication tools being flipped for use on the “dark side.” Technology is fraught with challenges… and now danger too!