Service Excellence

service excellence

At Fraud Solutions, service excellence, timely and informative communication are paramount. Nothing is more important to us than happy and exceptionally satisfied client’s! Under promising and over delivering not only surprises but delights customers in today’s service challenged global business environment.

Unlike larger, more bureaucratic, management consulting firms, we handle every consulting engagement with personal attention to detail. The backbone of our efforts is the Fraud Solutions Professional Delivery Service Standard which involves:

  • Promptly responding to inquiries (phone calls, and e-mails), RFP’s, RFI’s and RFQ’s.

  • Providing detailed, thought-provoking verbal and written responses, process roadmaps, engagement work schedules, and implementation strategies

  • Providing obvious real value in service pricing estimates versus the budget-busting quotes provided by larger, less personal firms.

  • Meeting consulting engagement deadlines as agreed — we always keep our commitments

  • Providing detailed, informative reports, outlining actionable recommendations for process and procedure improvements

  • Providing references who can validate our extensive industry knowledge, significant professional expertise, and outstanding qualifications to successfully complete your engagement

  • Developing high-quality business information and anti-fraud solutions that most professionals fail to consider

  • Evaluating potential conflicts of interest and scheduling challenges before accepting new engagements

  • Maintaining the highest standard of ethical conduct — we enjoy long-term relationships

Service Excellence Definitely Matters

Businesses are at their worst when major fraud events occur. In a world where customer satisfaction and retention are paramount, these types of events take customers to the peak of “Disenchantment Mountain.” During these times, businesses are the most vulnerable to failure, customer churn, and lost revenue.

“At Fraud Solutions, we value the opportunity to work with you and the trust you’ve placed in choosing our service solutions.”

Our professional service delivery standard was designed in conjunction with Dr. Chip Bell. Chip’s one of the world’s leading service experts, ensuring an excellent customer experience!

When nothing but the best fraud consulting, cutting edge insights and service excellence will do… E-mail us for more information!