Questions to Ask Before Creating Social Media Policy

In yesterday’s Fraud Blog, I discussed the need for companies to create effective social media policies. I’ve also previously discussed some of the considerations associated with social media policies for investigations purposes. Following up on the create a social media policy theme…Gartner Inc, an IT advisory firm, offers the following “Seven Critical Questions to Ask Before Developing a Social Media Policy” and I thought this was interesting.

From an investigations standpoint, I found the “Who Will Be Responsible for Monitoring Social Media Employee Activities?” question interesting because while there are so many departments within a corporation that typically own a part of montoring employee activities, that ownership of the overally process is definitely something that has to be sorted out in advance of rolling out the social media red carpet.  Then, we have the performance conseling and discipline issues to sort out with human resources, in addition to policy revisions based on trends and patterns observed after initial rollout. So, there is definitely a lot to do before AND after the policy is created.