Meet Fraud Solutions

Meet Fraud SolutionsDaniel W. Draz, M.S., CFE

Meet Fraud Solutions: Daniel W. Draz is a global leader among fraud solutions professionals. He’s a frequent presenter and keynote speaker at national industry conferences, developing customized and unique, niche specific professional content.

Adding to his excellent presentation skills, Daniel’s been published over 100 times in industry and trade publications over the years. He’s regularly quoted by media sources for his unique insights.

Daniel has an M.S. in Economic Crime Management from Utica College (2005) and a B.S. in Criminal Justice from Arizona State University (1985). He’s been a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) since 1996 and is a Fellow at the Governance and Accountability Institute.

Daniel has 31 years of sophisticated fraud industry experience. Professional expertise includes: fraud evangelism, fraud strategy, financial crime (investigation, training, prevention, detection, consulting and management), audit, regulatory,  legal, governance, risk and compliance (GRC) experience, exclusively in the private sector.

Before founding Fraud Solutions, he was the Corporate Investigations Manager at TransUnion LLC, where he oversaw the Corporate Investigations Department. Additionally,  he served as the global anti-fraud liaison to TransUnion’s operations in 25 foreign countries on six continents.

Daniel’s TransUnion responsibilities also included oversight for all internal employee investigations. This involved: violations of ethics, code of business conduct, hotline, and acceptable technology usage policies and procedures. His staff also investigated: violations of customer contract agreements, federal regulations governing permissible purpose, consumer credit information access and cases with federal law enforcement agencies involving rings and organized criminal activity.

Prior to joining TransUnion, Daniel was a Senior Fraud Investigator in the Special Investigations Unit at Standard Insurance Company in Portland, Oregon. In that capacity, he conducted sophisticated insurance (Life, Health and Disability) investigations (Civil and Criminal) into questionable/fraudulent claims.

Insurance fraud investigations were referred to local, state and federal law-enforcement agencies nationwide for prosecution consideration. He also advised counsel, senior management and business units on fraud issues, problems and solutions.

Additionally, Daniel was also responsible for development and delivery of anti-fraud training programs and training. Sessions included information on red flags, fraud avoidance, investigation procedures and methods to minimize exposure to financial loss.

Previously, Daniel owned and operated an investigative and fraud consulting agency in California. Services included:  specialized fraud consulting, investigations and litigation  assistance to businesses and corporations, insurance companies, self insured’s, financial services firms, large law firms, government agencies, telecom carriers, and select individual clients nationally.

From 1994-1997 he was the only investigator in the country selected to represent 30 insurance companies and insurance defense firms in the billion-dollar Rockwell v. Aetna environmental litigation matter. Rockwell v. Aetna was the largest legal case in the country at the time.

Before getting licensed in California, Daniel worked in the Corporate Security Department at MCI Telecom. He  handed complex telecommunications fraud cases around the globe with federal law enforcement agencies and the U.S. Attorneys Office. During this time, he successfully investigated multi-million dollar fraud and organized crime cases involving the illegal usage of telecom products.

He frequently mentors other investigators and fraud professionals around the world.