Life Insurance

Insurance underwriters and actuaries use a variety of information based tools to evaluate applicants for insurance policies and in the Life and Health industry, assess the applicant’s potential longevity. Years ago the Property and Casualty industry began evaluating new data sets when they started using the applicant’s credit report as another predictor of personal driving habits and the likelihood of getting into an accident. The Life and Health insurance industry is now exploring the evaluation of other consumer lifestyle information as but one more predictor of healthy lifestyles and potential longevity in individual life insurance policies. While added data evaluation usually leads to positive analytic results, look closely at the picture that accompanies the story… while biking may be a positive indicator of a healthy lifestyle -riding while looking down at your cell phone is not, and is likely going to lead to an accident. So, perhaps using these type of consumer data sets require more in depth analysis before implementation as things aren’t always what they appear!