Fraud Technology Review

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As fraud becomes increasingly sophisticated, so do the tools we use to fight fraud. Fraud technology solutions are designed to protect your organization from threats, identifying problems and reducing risk. But are you sure the fraud solutions you’re employing are enough?

Fraud Solutions offers fraud technology review assessments to ensure that your organization is prepared for anti-fraud protection with the most sophisticated and effective fraud technology solutions available. We will identify potential weaknesses in the fraud technology currently utilized, with consultation in ideal fraud solutions technology for the future. Every aspect of your organization’s fraud technology will be analyzed and investigated for optimal protection.

Your fraud technology review with Fraud Solutions will identify shortcomings in existing fraud technology and establish resources designed to maximize the use of fraud technology for minimized threats. With fraud training, fraud solution identification, and implementation of a specialized analytical unit, organizations with a fraud technology review have an improved understanding of anti-fraud solutions and the knowledge necessary to make them effective in the fight against fraud. Ultimately, organizations with a fraud technology review from Fraud Solutions will be prepared to fight threats using today’s best anti-fraud resources.

Fraud Solutions’ technology review is a full suite of fraud services designed to maximize your organization’s use of fraud technology. Technology review services offered by Fraud Solutions include:

  • Technology, database & data mining assessments
  • Assistance in evaluating, creating and implementing a specialized analytical unit within the SIU
  • Fraud training: effective use of fraud technology, pattern analysis, fraud identification, etc.
  • Rate evasion evaluation for Claims and Underwriting
  • Assessment of technology performance
  • Anti-fraud evaluation
  • Assessment of technology needs
  • Development of improved transactional flags
  • Assistance in working with senior management in evaluating fraud technologies to identify the best fraud solutions

Fraud technology assessment services are ideal for organizations that currently utilize technology to fight fraud, or organizations establishing fraud technology solutions. Contact Fraud Solutions for fraud consulting in fraud technology.