Fraud Solutions “Rocks Times Square” During International Fraud Awareness Week

Fraud Solutions Times Square PhotoFraud risk management firm featured on Reuters-PR Newswire billboard in Times Square for sharing fraud insights with the public

Fraud Solutions, a Chicago area company with a global footprint in the fraud risk management community, didn’t miss a beat when presented with an opportunity to be featured on the Reuters-PR Newswire billboard in Times Square (NY) during International Fraud Awareness Week (November 3 – 9, 2013).

“ProfNet (a PR Newswire service) recognized Fraud Solutions (a niche fraud consulting, research and training company), for the compelling work that we’re doing using their tools to successfully interact with the media on fraud stories affecting global businesses” says Daniel Draz, M.S., CFE, Principal of Fraud Solutions. “When it comes to the media, and breaking stories with a fraud angle, we’re always available to contribute insights, share observations and unique opinions. That’s what makes us thought leaders in the fraud field.”

To prevent victimization, both businesses and consumers need to not only be aware of the significant risks they face but be proactive in the measures they take to protect themselves. When presented with the opportunity to be featured in Times Square during International Fraud Awareness Week the fact that Times Square is located in Manhattan wasn’t lost on Draz.

“Manhattan is home to Wall Street, financial services companies, and global businesses, all of whom should be concerned about mitigating fraud risk, preventing losses for investors, limiting liability, brand damage and protecting consumer’s personally identifiable information (PII). There’s no bigger platform in the world to simultaneously communicate both the Fraud Solutions brand and fraud awareness than putting an innovative fraud consulting firm on the Reuters-PR Newswire billboard in Times Square. Because it’s International Fraud Awareness Week ProfNet’s decision to feature Fraud Solutions couldn’t have worked out better.”