Fraud Solutions Principal Dan Draz Featured in Entrepreneur Guide

fraud solutions principal dan draz interviewed in entrepreneur guide

Fraud Solutions Principal Dan Draz was interviewed by Business Info Guide, sharing his insight into fraud solutions, marketing as an entrepreneur, and the biggest challenges he’s faced in business:

What is most rewarding about running your business?

There are a number of rewards derived from running Fraud Solutions. First, it provides a platform to offer a very unique, and needed, service to customers around the globe. It is incredibly rewarding to work with clients on complex and challenging projects and solve their fraud problems. Lastly, it reinforces my reputation as one of the world’s leading anti-fraud professionals and thought leaders in the fraud space.

What challenges have you faced and how have you overcome them?

I spent a lot of time early on working at social media (blogging/twitter), as part of my marketing and PR efforts, with DISMAL results. With blogging there’s very much an “if you build it they will come”… mentality. Well, I built it…but no one came. That was a bit overwhelming so I eventually just moved on to other strategies rather than continuing to be non productive and beat my head against the wall!

Recently, I created and implemented a unique three prong marketing strategy for my company. As part of that program I decided to revisit the whole social media strategy, marketing, media, visibility and branding efforts.

However, this time recognizing the complex nature of the social media challenge, and my previous results, I sought out and retained what I’ll refer to as a “social media strategist.” We’ve only been at that for a month but with our revised social media strategy we’re already accomplishing results which are significantly greater than those I previously achieved on my own.

If you were starting over today what would you do differently?

If I were starting over today, I’d stick to the things I do best and more quickly integrate small business media, PR, social media, branding and marketing experts into the operational plan so that we accomplish our business goals in a shorter period of time.

What advice do you have for other business owners?

Being a small business owner often means that you wear many hats and tend to be a “Jack of All Trades.” But doing so also increases the likelihood that you’ll be the “Master of None.” Get someone to help you with specialized tasks, allowing you to concentrate on the things you do best, even if it means spending a few dollars in the process. By doing so, if you work with the right people, you’ll get farther ahead, in a shorter period of time, than you otherwise would have doing it on your own.

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