Fraud Consulting Services

fraud consulting servicesExceptional fraud consulting services, hard hitting insights and world class service are hard to find.

Fraud Solutions is a boutique services firm providing a customized portfolio of unique fraud consulting, fraud risk management strategies, and fraud training services to clients around the globe.

More specifically, Fraud Solutions’ mission is to provide a comprehensive suite of fraud solutions services to companies across all verticals in order to help them identify, combat, and reduce the amount of fraud, economic, and financial crime being committed against their businesses, products, and services.

Anti-fraud services offered by Fraud Solutions include:

Content Development: Writing, editing and publishing services to assist businesses, corporations, investigations firms, law firms and individual fraud practitioners with their communication and information needs.
Corporate Investigations Optimization: Investigation of fraud in policies, practices, technology, implementation, and more.
Expert Witness Services: Litigation support and expert witness service.
Fraud Careers: Career consultation for fraud professionals.
Fraud Consulting/Management Consulting
: Mitigate your fraud risks, prevent losses, improve staff efficiency, satisfy regulatory scrutiny and increase the ROI from your enterprise fraud risk management program.
Fraud Products: Fraud product recommendations and support.
Fraud Training/Educational Seminars: As a regularly requested speaker on fraud and investigations issues, Daniel Draz has presented on a variety of fraud and investigative topics at conferences and association/industry events around the country.
Insurance Fraud – SIU Optimization: Evaluation, investigation, and analytic best practices, as well as guidance in the development of a major case unit.
Payment Card Industry (PCI): Online merchant payment and risk consulting services.
Research and Analysis: Actionable, detailed information products researched and analyzed by Fraud Solutions, a leading research, advisory and consulting firm offering unique perspectives of processes, core functions and critical business operating areas.
Retail Fraud: Identify and reduce the amount of fraud committed against retail businesses, products, and services, protecting revenues and offering assurance to retail owners and investors.
SIU Compliance: Regulatory compliance, annual fraud plans, fraud training, fraud referrals, fraud audits, fraud risk evaluation, quality assurance.
Social Media Investigations & Anti-Fraud Efforts: Social media investigation programs, training, best practices, policies, procedures, and protocols.
Technology Review: Ensure that your organization is prepared for anti-fraud protection with the most sophisticated and effective fraud technology solutions available.
Telecom Fraud: Fraud Solutions offers fraud consulting services to telecommunications companies which identify and reduce the amount of fraud committed against their business, products and services.

Fraud Solutions has the real world, in the trenches business fraud consulting experience to develop, design and implement the fraud solutions necessary to assist clients effectively. We don’t market stock solutions. Our fraud consulting service offerings reflect specialized solutions for the unique needs of individual clients on a case by case basis.

Our fraud consulting services and solutions revolve around years of operational, “in the trenches” fraud, risk, auditing, compliance, and investigations experience in the private sector. Contact us to see how we can help evaluate and design effective fraud solutions for your business.