Carnival’s Compliance Caper Court Conundrum

Sailing Sordid Slimy Seas: “Fun for All” – Except the Fish! So, in case you haven’t heard, Carnival Cruise Lines has a compliance caper conundrum, The "Fun for All - All for Fun" maritime … [Read more...]

Varsity Blues Won’t Win an Oscar

Paying for Advantage - Alive and Well The current news cycles is being dominated by stories of alleged college entrance fraud to secure an admissions advantage. In Operation Varsity Blues, high … [Read more...]

Fraud Solutions: Fraud News Update 03.24.17

Fraud News Update 03.24.17 - This week's edition features: Academic Fraud (bogus journals and editors),  Cybersecurity Strategy (is the best defense a good offense?),Wrongful Birth (crazy sperm?), … [Read more...]

Fraud Solutions: Fraud News Update 03.09.17

Fraud News Update 03.09.17 - This week's edition features: Black Market (data 4 sale), DOJ Guidelines (corporate compliance), Anatomy of an Attack (wordpress websites), Internal Investigations … [Read more...]

Fraud Solutions: Fraud News Update 03.02.17

Fraud News Update 03.02.17 - This week's edition features: Stopping Whistleblowers (corporations will try anything), Ransomware Rising (steady increases), Technology Disruption (device vulnerability), … [Read more...]

Fraud Solutions: Fraud News Update 02.17.17

Fraud News Update 02.17.17 - This week's edition features: Escalating Crime (ID Theft), Small Business Fraud (Kills), Data Breach (Growth), Technology and the "P" Word (IOT), Voter Fraud … [Read more...]