Marketing Mayhem: Ready to Market – but Not Market Ready

Marketing Mayhem: Today, we're talking “market ready” products, or services, versus those that are “ready to market.” The difference may be subtle to some but there definitely is one. Is your … [Read more...]

5 Reasons Why Enterprise Risk Management Programs Tank!

Failing @ enterprise fraud risk management damages your brand Managing Global Risk: Trillion Dollar Annual Losses Present Unique Mitigation Challenges Managing Risk: One of the core … [Read more...]

The President’s Golf Game…and other deceptive behavior

The Flames of Fraud Burn Deeply Everyone knows that fraud is rampant in major verticals (E.g. Banking, Financial Services, Healthcare, Insurance, Telecom, Transportation, Utilities, etc.). However, … [Read more...]

Carnival’s Compliance Caper Court Conundrum

Sailing Sordid Slimy Seas: “Fun for All” – Except the Fish! So, in case you haven’t heard, Carnival Cruise Lines has a compliance caper conundrum, The "Fun for All - All for Fun" maritime … [Read more...]

Varsity Blues Won’t Win an Oscar

Paying for Advantage - Alive and Well The current news cycles is being dominated by stories of alleged college entrance fraud to secure an admissions advantage. In Operation Varsity Blues, high … [Read more...]

Fraud Solutions: Fraud News Update 03.24.17

Fraud News Update 03.24.17 - This week's edition features: Academic Fraud (bogus journals and editors),  Cybersecurity Strategy (is the best defense a good offense?),Wrongful Birth (crazy sperm?), … [Read more...]