Corporate Investigations

Fraud Services: Corporatecorporate investigation Investigation Optimization

Corporate investigation optimization is an investigative service offered by Fraud Solutions. The practice of corporate investigations allows companies to get to the root of corporate fraud and better understand pitfalls within the organization.

This fraud service will also assist corporations to comply with requests from government regulators. But perhaps the most important benefit of corporate investigation is the opportunity it gives corporations to more efficiently and effectively detect fraud within an organization before it becomes a larger problem.

Fraud Solutions works tirelessly to evaluate enterprise fraud and investigation performance through existing policies, practices, people, technology, implementation, and more.

Through Fraud Solutions corporate investigation optimization services, we evaluate client’s investigative team performance, identifying challenges, deficiencies and areas of improvement in order to maximize organizational efforts, streamlining efficiencies and increasing operational ROI.

Corporate investigation services with Fraud Solutions include:

  • Evaluation of policies, processes, procedures, people and practices
  • Review of investigative and analytic resources and tools
  • Assessment of staff personnel skills and professional development plans
  • Department road-mapping and work flow analysis
  • Gap Analysis
  • Process/procedure improvement recommendations
  • Organizational – staffing design evaluation
  • Investigation and analytic best practices
  • Technology, database & data mining assessments
  • Blueprint development
  • Implementation schedules

Corporate investigation is an essential service for all organizations that may be experiencing fraud, or are at risk of fraud. Contact Fraud Solutions for fraud consulting and corporate investigation optimization.