Legal Issues in Social Media

If you've been reading my blog... you know that I've spent a lot of time discussing issues associated with the use of social media in investigations and anti-fraud efforts. There are so many issues to … [Read more...]

Workplace Guidance Remains Elusive After Facebook Posting Case Is Settled

In an issue I blogged about recently, a case involving an employee who was dismissed from her job as a result of derogatory postings she made about the company on Facebook, may not have had the big … [Read more...]

E.F.F. Discloses How Social Media Sites Provide Data to Law Enforcement

Given all the buzz about the use of social media in investigations in the private sector... it is also being used in investigations in the public sector (law enforcement) as written about in … [Read more...]

The IACP Center for Social Media conducted a survey on the use of social media in Law Enforcement

Here are the results. … [Read more...]

Precedence Setting Case Settled by NLRB against Employer Who Dismissed Employee for Facebook Rant

I've been following this social media case and it was recently settled by the NLRB against the employer who fired an employee over her Facebook rant about them. While the ruling is not carte blanche … [Read more...]