Social Media Investigation – The Checks and Balances!

One of the things I've talked about frequently is that the social media landscape is a minefield, which is uncertain, unstable and rapidly changing as the courts continue evaluating this new … [Read more...]

Social Media Apps In the Wrong Hands = Bad News For Our Children!

It's true. Many of the tools investigators and anti-fraud professionals use to fight crime are double edged swords... and make no mistake about it.... social media applications are certainly no … [Read more...]

Lawyers are now advising clients… stay off social media until your case is settled!

It was bound to happen... lawyers previously warned litigants in disability, work comp and personal injury type cases to restrict or curtail their physical, or daily activities, as insurance companies … [Read more...]

Questions to Ask Before Creating Social Media Policy

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There’s a Need to Create Effective Social Media Policies

In a blog I wrote this week, I referenced a study indicating that only 19 % of companies surveyed had a social media policy in place. Obviously, that leaves 81% of the companies out there with NO … [Read more...]

When the Workplace and Social Media Collide

I thought there were some interesting facts and discussion in this article about use of social media in the workplace... one of them being that a recent study showed that respondents spent about four … [Read more...]