Reefer Madness: Medical Marijuana and Fraud

Medical Marijuana Fraud Medical Marijuana. It's reefer madness, and we’re talking fraud. Pot, ganja, marijuana, maryjane, cannabis. There are hundreds of names for the drug but whatever term you use, … [Read more...]

Why Fake Online Reviews Are Serious Fraud

Nearly 20 companies are in hot water with the New York Attorney General for writing fake online reviews. Fraud expert Dan Draz explains that this development is not at all surprising. After all, you … [Read more...]

The SOX Conundrum

I found this short piece on corporate and securities fraud to be rather interesting and as a fraud professional and academic, it brings up some pressing questions in my mind. If SOX, which has been … [Read more...]

Consumer Protection

I'm all about protecting consumers and God knows they need it. But I'm confused... don't we already have a federal agency whose primary responsibility is consumer protection? AKA: The FTC! Wondering … [Read more...]