An Undo Button for Online Privacy

A new online privacy law in California requires websites to allow monitors to take down embarrassing posts and photos, reports the CS Monitor. Our expert Dan Draz weighs in on this privacy … [Read more...]

The latest edition of my column, Fraud Flashpoints, is now online

In the spirit of the holidays… the latest edition of my column, Fraud Flashpoints, (‘Tis the Season To Analyze Your Anti-fraud Efforts For The New Year), is now available at Corporate Compliance … [Read more...]

Fraud Flashpoints Goes Live on Corporate Compliance Insights

My new column, Fraud Flashpoints, went "live" Friday morning at Corporate Compliance Insights (CCI). As the featured fraud columnist, I'm excited about exploring professional areas of interest. Look … [Read more...]

Professional Designations and Certifications – Value Add… or Value Bad?

Professional designations and certifications. Are they worth the risk? One of the things I’m fortunate enough to do at Fraud Solutions is consult with clients from various verticals about their … [Read more...]

The Top Ten Steps Law Enforcement Personnel Should Take When Transitioning To The Private Sector

I’ve spent my entire career conducting and managing fraud investigations exclusively in the private sector. Throughout that time, I’ve interacted with thousands of federal agents, detectives and … [Read more...]

Are There Risks For Using Social Media In The Hiring Process? You Bet!

Previously, in the Fraud Blog, I've discussed many of the issues involved with the use of social media in the investigation process... including pre-employment screening. Certainly, like any other … [Read more...]