Federal Agents Arresting Healthcare Fraud Suspects Today!

In an increased effort to crack down on healthcare fraud, which was previously written about in the Fraud Blog, Federal Agents are making arrests today in Miami! Wondering if they picked up anyone on … [Read more...]

Insurance Fraud Escalates in Tough Times!

There is a strong relationship between economic factors and the amount of fraud committed. Fraud occurs in all economic conditions but as the economy has plunged, correspondingly the amount of fraud … [Read more...]

Top Ten Most Wanted Healthcare Fugitives

Healthcare fraud has been one of the growth areas in the insurance industry for a few years now. Recently I've talked about the government's effort to combat this epidemic, investigate cases, make … [Read more...]

U.S. recovers $4 billion in health fraud payments

One of the growth areas in the insurance fraud arena has been healthcare fraud. One of the manners to stem the tide has been agressive, proactive analytic techniques combined with aggressive … [Read more...]

Back to Basics: Avoiding Fraud and Abuse

The has been a lot of anti-fraud movement around the healthcare space recently as healthcare fraud continues to be a boom market for the criminal element. As the government cracks down, there is more … [Read more...]

Solving the Insurance Fraud Dilemma

Background Crimes committed against insurance policies continue to get more sophisticated, organized crime rings are more prevalent and insured’s are committing increased amounts of insurance fraud … [Read more...]