Investigative Checklists: “Value add” or “value bad?”

Recently, while giving a presentation at a conference in New York I happened to ask attendees whether their company’s gave them a checklist to use while conducting investigations and phone interviews. … [Read more...]

FINCEN Budget Cuts Likely “Derail” State & Local Financial Crime Investigations

I just saw this item come across the wire and it caught my eye. It appears that federal budget cuts will likely mean the elimination of approximately ten analyst positions at FINCEN, all of whom … [Read more...]

“Top Ten” Steps to Take Before Your Company Uses Social Media in Investigations & Anti-Fraud Efforts

A television news reporter contacted me the other day requesting an interview on the usage of social media in investigations. During the interview, I told her that the usage of social media tools in … [Read more...]

FINRA uses SONAR to “ping” financial crime

Submarines aren't the only ones using SONAR to lock in on potential targets. FINRA has an electronic surveillance system called SONAR which they use to analyze financial transactions and unusual … [Read more...]

Fraud Investigation

Data mining is one of the most effective analytic methods for detecting, preventing and investigating insurance fraud. It adds real value to every investigators toolbox. However, this article … [Read more...]