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Fraud Solutions: 2014 “Best Of” Blog Edition

No Shortage of Fraud This Year Given the glut of global fraud stories which took place in 2014, it was a banner year for writing about fraud and there was definitely no shortage of interesting case … [Read more...]

Fraud News Update 12.26.14

12.26.14 - This week's post-Christmas ("Scrooge") edition of the Fraud News Update features: Seafood Pirates (Arrgh!), Compliance Failures (Financial Impact On You?!), Symantec (No Software To Prevent … [Read more...]

Big Data: Analyze This!

Big Data: Analyze This! So, the other day I was reading a blog piece authored by Mike Urban in Bob’s Guide. Mike’s the Director of Product Management, Financial Crime Risk Management at Fiserv and … [Read more...]

Fraud News Update 12.18.14

12.18.14 - This week's edition of the Fraud News Update features: The Feel Good Story of the Year (Police Officer's Kind Gesture Goes Viral), Rotten Tomatoes (Fruit? Vegetable? Or Fraud?), Career Cons … [Read more...]

Tis the Season – The Twelve Days of Fraud

The Twelve Days of Fraud It's the holiday season. While it's a time of joy for many, there needs to be a heightened sense of awareness for all as there are quite a few Grinches out there trying to … [Read more...]

Fraud News Update 12.11.14

Fraud News Update 12.11.14: This week's Fraud Solutions news update features: Fraud News – How A BOT This? (Digital Advertisers Arch-Enemy), God Fraud, Gambling and Golf (New Twist), Flying as a … [Read more...]