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Why Risk Management is Everyone’s Job

Expert Advice from Dan Draz on Why Risk Management is a Task Everyone Shares Risk management was once the job of a single person or small team. But as The Conference Board Review explains in their … [Read more...]

On the OPEN Forum: How You Can Protect Your Business from Hackers

Fraud Solutions Principal Dan Draz Explains How Businesses Can Battle Hackers The American Express OPEN Forum shared how businesses large and small can defend against fraud, with guidance from Fraud … [Read more...]

Data Breaches in the News: Is Your Company Next?

Fraud Expert Dan Draz Explains the Data Breach Du Jour First Target, now Neiman Marcus. It seems major retailers are being targeted for data breaches. Is this a major fraud event, or just another in … [Read more...]

Reefer Madness: Medical Marijuana and Fraud

Medical Marijuana Fraud Medical Marijuana. It's reefer madness, and we’re talking fraud. Pot, ganja, marijuana, maryjane, cannabis. There are hundreds of names for the drug but whatever term you use, … [Read more...]