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Fraud Solutions Principal Daniel Draz Named Fellow Of Governance & Accountability Institute

We're excited to announce that Daniel Draz, principal of Fraud Solutions, has been named a fellow of the Governance & Accountability Institute. In welcoming Daniel Draz as a Fellow of Governance … [Read more...]

Fraud Prevention Strategy – The Best “Mime the Crime!”

What's Your Fraud Prevention Strategy?   All companies should have a fraud prevention strategy and it should be easily articulable. You shouldn’t have to be a “rocket scientist” to be able to … [Read more...]

Decrease Fraud to Increase Revenue, Profit, and ROI

Stepping up sales, marketing, and output is one way to increase revenue and profit, but in a guest post on, Dan Draz explains why targeting fraud can be just as effective: Industry … [Read more...]

Employee Trust: Is it a Revenue Drain?

Businesses invest heavily in finding qualified, trustworthy employees. And while we'd all like to fully trust everyone that works for us, the fact is that employee fraud is always a possibility. On … [Read more...]

Ten Steps to Mitigate Fraud Risk and Increase Profitability

In today's blog, we focus on 10 Steps To Mitigate Fraud Risk And Increase Profitability. These recommendations came about as a direct result of the questions we're often asked by companies on how they … [Read more...]

Fraud in the EPA: When Agencies Lose Control

Former EPA employee John Beale masqueraded as a CIA spy, netting $900,000 in fraud. This is clearly a major internal control failure, and a lesson for all organizations in preventing fraud events. … [Read more...]