Archives for March 2011

The SOX Conundrum

I found this short piece on corporate and securities fraud to be rather interesting and as a fraud professional and academic, it brings up some pressing questions in my mind. If SOX, which has been … [Read more...]

Strengthening Internal Controls – What’s In Your Toolbox?

There are many proven methods to prevent fraud but a big part of any effective fraud prevention methodology involves strengthening internal controls. Many mistake internal controls for a one time … [Read more...]

Are There Risks For Using Social Media In The Hiring Process? You Bet!

Previously, in the Fraud Blog, I've discussed many of the issues involved with the use of social media in the investigation process... including pre-employment screening. Certainly, like any other … [Read more...]

More On the Use of Social Media In Insurance Claims Investigations

Readers of the Fraud Blog know that I've spent a considerable amount of time talking and writing about the use of social media in investigations.... all types of investigations including those that … [Read more...]

FINCEN Budget Cuts Likely “Derail” State & Local Financial Crime Investigations

I just saw this item come across the wire and it caught my eye. It appears that federal budget cuts will likely mean the elimination of approximately ten analyst positions at FINCEN, all of whom … [Read more...]

Social Media Investigations – The New Evidence in Court Cases

If you've been reading the Fraud Blog, you've seen me writing quite a bit about the use of social media in investigations. Ultimately, the question concerns the admissibility of this new evidence in … [Read more...]