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Not Exactly the Whistleblower Flood Everyone Thought Would Occur!

The statistics thus far speak for themselves... most expected a flood of whistleblower complaints to come in but to date that has not occurred. … [Read more...]

Police Increasingly Use Social Networking Sites for Evidence

In the Fraud Blog a while back, I touched on the IACP study concerning the increasing use of Social Media in law enforcement investigations. I thought this article was interesting because it comments … [Read more...]

Lawyers are now advising clients… stay off social media until your case is settled!

It was bound to happen... lawyers previously warned litigants in disability, work comp and personal injury type cases to restrict or curtail their physical, or daily activities, as insurance companies … [Read more...]

Questions to Ask Before Creating Social Media Policy

In yesterday's Fraud Blog, I discussed the need for companies to create effective social media policies. I've also previously discussed some of the considerations associated with social media policies … [Read more...]

Federal Agents Arresting Healthcare Fraud Suspects Today!

In an increased effort to crack down on healthcare fraud, which was previously written about in the Fraud Blog, Federal Agents are making arrests today in Miami! Wondering if they picked up anyone on … [Read more...]

There’s a Need to Create Effective Social Media Policies

In a blog I wrote this week, I referenced a study indicating that only 19 % of companies surveyed had a social media policy in place. Obviously, that leaves 81% of the companies out there with NO … [Read more...]