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John David: Financial crime running rampant

On Friday, I posted a blog piece referencing a study which suggested corporate fraud was down last quarter. Then, today, I stumbled on this piece which discusses how financial crimes are running … [Read more...]

New Study: Corporate Fraud In Decline

Well... okay, if you say so! I'm not sure about this... especially with all the economic indicators being in the places they are. Some articles suggest corporate fraud is on the rise... some articles … [Read more...]

U.S. recovers $4 billion in health fraud payments

One of the growth areas in the insurance fraud arena has been healthcare fraud. One of the manners to stem the tide has been agressive, proactive analytic techniques combined with aggressive … [Read more...]

Back to Basics: Avoiding Fraud and Abuse

The has been a lot of anti-fraud movement around the healthcare space recently as healthcare fraud continues to be a boom market for the criminal element. As the government cracks down, there is more … [Read more...]

The Ethicists Garage – What to do when Dodd-Frank Drives In

Today's blog is actually posted on the Josephson Institute - Business Ethics and Leadership site where I've been asked to submit periodic guest blogs. … [Read more...]

Proactive Fraud Prevention Techniques Prevent Large Losses

Recently, several of my associates mentioned to me that the Washington (State) Department of Labor & Industries is practicing some very proactive and progressive techniques in their fraud … [Read more...]