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Consumer Protection

I'm all about protecting consumers and God knows they need it. But I'm confused... don't we already have a federal agency whose primary responsibility is consumer protection? AKA: The FTC! Wondering … [Read more...]

FINRA uses SONAR to “ping” financial crime

Submarines aren't the only ones using SONAR to lock in on potential targets. FINRA has an electronic surveillance system called SONAR which they use to analyze financial transactions and unusual … [Read more...]


The viatical business has been around for some time now.  As the article indicates... some people may find betting on an individual's life expectancy distasteful however the U.S. Supreme Court once … [Read more...]

White Collar Crime

Are our current legal strategies towards companies involved in white collar crime or wrongdoing effective or are they "half baked" as the article suggests? While we have generally seen an increase in … [Read more...]


Whistle-blowing payments over the years haven't amounted to large sums of money being paid to employees willing to provide information to the SEC. However, under the new Investor Protection Act, a … [Read more...]


Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals - Law enforcement investigators getting e-mails from ISP's under the Stored Communication Act (SCA) without a warrant (as required for phone calls and traditional mail) … [Read more...]